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This website was set up to report on the progress of my Online Business. I will be writing articles and reviews on all the online programs in which I participate.

The aim here is that as people read through they get ideas about setting up their own online businesses and get access to the training to help them set up their businesses.

I am NOT a guru, just a Mr. Average Joe writing about his experiences in the Online Business world.

Content on this page will briefly go through all the programs I am currently involved in and show you how it is possible to earn some money while learning to set up an online business.

The content on here will be updated as and when new programs are added to my list of sites where you can get access to information you need to start or develop your online business.


Wealthy Affiliates

This is my favorite at the moment as there is a lot of training on this platform. Everything is covered in the training, setting up your website to writing articles for your blog. There is also a very responsive community to help with any issues you may have.

There is the choice to upgrade you can remain a free member for life. This still gives you access to a lot of the training materials.

Training is given via videos, recorded and live, online classrooms and at the end you get Certification.

It is free to join, so please click on the title above.

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This is a UK based program that allows consultants to earn a commission for getting people to switch their Electricity or Gas suppliers.

You also get cash back when you shop at a whole range of shops like Argos, Littlewoods, Topmans, House of Fraser, Plusnet, Wickes and a lot more.

If you are UK based and looking to run a business from home and save money at the same time, please click on the title above to access this program.

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This is a program aimed at creating a Digital Lifestyle. It also contains a lot of training but not as organized as wealthy Affiliates. Its community is also not as visible or responsive as Wealthy Affiliates.

It is still an effective program where you can learn about funneling your leads, creating autoresponders to send out automated emails to your leads and subscribers.

It is free to join. So click on the title above.

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Paid To Click Sites

Paid to click sites or PTC as they are generally known are sites where you are paid a small amount of money-usually about a cent (can be less or more) to watch ads placed by other members of the site.

You can also do advertising on these sites, paid and unpaid. The older ones usually have hundreds of thousands of members and the sites have advertiser panels where you can advertise your business.

You can refer people to these sites. They are called direct referrals and will earn you a small commission. You can also rent referrals who earn you a commission when they click on ads. You can rent them for 30-240 days.

Pay is usually in Dollars but some of them pay in Bitcoin.

They are free to join and participate although there are upgrade options. So, if you want to give them a try, please click below.

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